The Curriculum Vitae (CV, also referred to as résumé) is an established representation of a person's academic and professional history. A typical CV is comprised of multiple sections associated with spatio-temporal, nominal, hierarchical and ordinal data. The main task of a recruiter is, given a job application with specific requirements, to compare and assess CVs in order to build a short list of the most interesting candidates to interview. Commonly, this is done by viewing CVs in a side-by-side fashion. This becomes challenging when comparing more than two CVs, because the reader is required to switch attention between them. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the CVs are structured similarly, thus making the overview cluttered and significantly slowing down the comparison process. In order to address these challenges, in this paper we propose "CV3 (CVTHREE)", an interactive exploration environment offering users a new way to explore, assess, and compare multiple CVs, equipped with a two-dimensional scoring system to suggest the best candidates for specific job requirements. We validate our system by means of domain expert feedback whose results highlight both the efficacy of our approach and its limitations. We learned that CV3 eases the overall burden of recruiters thus aiding them in the selection process.